1. What information do I need to provide to get a quote for my project?
    Drawings or plans are required for Brooklyn Custom to provide preliminary pricing. The drawings need to include dimensions, material and finish requirements.

  2. Will you fabricate a reproduction of an existing custom metal assembly from a photograph?
    The answer to this frequently asked question is no. We do not reproduce someone else’s work from a photograph or a web site screen shot.

  3. Does Brooklyn Custom make alterations or repairs to existing furniture, sculptures or architectural metalwork?
    We do not get involved in maintenance or repair work.

  4. How long does a custom project usually take?
    Lead times are based on the complexity of each project and vary.

  5. Can Brooklyn Custom provide shop drawings?
    Yes, we work with a variety of 2 and 3D CAD formats as well as CAM programming.

  6. I have an idea for a custom project; can I stop by and brainstorm?
    We prefer to review the potential project details via email first to provide a price for consideration. Following the initial dialog an appointment to meet and discuss the project in detail can be scheduled.

  7. Do you rent shop space to individuals who are interested in trying their hand at metal work?
    We do not rent out shop time or space to the general public.